Slalom Whitewater Race Results

This page will contain either links to results or downloadable files containing results from races where ORR members have participated.  Postings will be by most current results at the top.


2014 Race Results 

ICF World Cup Series

World Cup 1: London GBR, June 6-8 2014
World Cup 2: Ljubljana Tacen SLO, June 13-15 2014
World Cup 3: Prague CZE, June 20-22 2014
World Cup 4: La Seu d'Urgell ESP, August 1-3 2014
World Cup 5 (Final): Augsburg GER, August 15-17 2014
World Cup Standings

ICF World Championships

Junior & U23 World Championships: Penrith AUS, April 23-27 2014

Senior World Championships: Deep Creek USA, September 17-21 2014

Local Eastern Canada Races/Competitions and Results

Hell or High Water: Wildwater, Giant Slalom & Boatercross, Petawawa, May 10-11 2014

Pumphouse Race, Ottawa ON, June 29 2014

MKC Slalom, Madawaska River ON, July 3 2014

Andrew Westlake Memorial Slalom, Minden ON, July 6 2014

Minden Hills Open, Minden ON, August 23-24 2014

Freestyle Nationals, Ottawa River ON, August 23-29 2014

Gull River Open Canoe Slalom, Minden ON, September 6-7 2014

Canadian National Slalom & Wildwater Championships

In 2014 the National Championships are being hosted by Whitewater Ontario

Madawaska River, Barry's Bay Ontario, August 26-29 2014

2013 Race Results 

Ont Provincials (PH) Sep 29, 2013

ICF World Cup Series

World Cup 1: Cardiff GBR, June 21-23 2013

World Cup 2: Augsberg GER, June 28-30 2013

World Cup 3: La Seu d'Urgell ESP, July 5-7 2013

World Cup 4: Tacen SLO, August 16-18 2013

World Cup 5: Bratislava SVK, August 23-25

World Cup Standings

ICF World Championships

Junior & U23 World Championships: Liptovsky Mikulas SLO, July 17-21 2013

Senior World Championships: Prague CZE, September 11-15 2013 

2012 Race Results

2012 Canadian National Whitewater Slalom Results

From Valleyfield, Quebec, August 9-12th.

Classic Downriver: uploads/_Résultats.pdf

U23, Junior & Cadet Results: uploads/U23CadetJunior.pdf

Team Results: uploads/Teamresults.pdf

Thursday Sprint Race: uploads/Thurs_Sprint.pdf

Senior Race: uploads/Senior Race.pdf

Note that CKC chose to have Sr. race as a sequential Semis and Finals, and not a best run.  If less than 6 boats per class, they all move on.  Otherwise the top half went to A final and bottom to B final.  The Software was a bit inflexible so the division between A and B may not be clear, or if anyone decided only to run the Semi and not the Final, they will not show up as having raced.

Post-nationals CKC News Release with medalists.

2012 Local Eastern Canada Races and Results

Fiddlehead, Vermont, Slalom May 13 2012.  Results

Coupe de Quebec, Valleyfield QC, June 17 2012.   Slalom Results   Sprint Downriver Results

Pumphouse Slalom, Ottawa ON, June 24 2012.  Slalom Results

MKC Chalet Rapids Slalom, Barry's Bay ON, July 19 2012.

MWWP Development Slalom & Boatercross, Minden ON, July 21 2012.

MWWP Andrew Westlake Memorial Slalom, Minden ON, July 22 2012.

ORR Annual Cookie Race, Ottawa ON, September 30 2012.  Results

2012 National and International Slalom Races and Results

2012 ICF World Cup Series

World Cup 1: Cardiff GBR, June 8-10 2012  Slalom Results

World Cup 2: Pau FRA, June 15-17 2012  Slalom Results

World Cup 3: La Seu d'Urgell ESP, June 22-24 2012  Slalom Results

World Cup 4: Prague CZE, August 24-26

World Cup 5: Bratislava SVK, August 31-September 2

World Cup Standings


2012 ICF Junior & U23 World Championships: Wausau USA, July 10-15 2012  Slalom Results

This is the first year that the ICF is introducing the U23 category at a world championships. 


London 2012 Olympic Games: Canoe Slalom Events

Canadian Olympic Canoe/Kayak Slalom Team 

Michael Tayler finished in 20th place. CKC News Release.


2011 Race Results

World Championships Bratislava, September 2011

Ontario Provincial Championships/ORR Pumphouse Race, Sep 18th, 2011

Race Results - WW Slalom
Race Results - WW Sprint

Valleyfield Race, Sep 11th, 2011

Race Results - WW Sprint
Race Results - Half Course Slalom
Race Results - Slalom

Nationals, Chilliwack, BC, Aug 5th-7th, 2011

Race results

Summer Race Series, All Event Results, July 4th, 2011, Wasau Open July 9-10

Race Results

Summer Race Series, Ottawa Pumphouse, June 26th, 2011

Race Results 

World Cup Results June/July 2011

Canadian Nationals, Valleyfield (moved from Jonquiere), June 11-12th, 2011

Race Results on Canoe Kayak Canada's website:


2009 Race Results

2009 World Championships at Seu d'Urgell, Spain.(Sept. 2009)

Please visit this Flickr account for

Having been to southern France and Spain before I anticipated great scenery, good wine and friendly people and this time it was no different.  Seu d'Urgell is set in a valley in the Pyrenees and after much research we had chosen to stay in a small hilltop village called Arseguel 11 km from Seu.  The Canadian Team were a couple of km the other side of Seu in Anserall, where they were lucky to have a large compound with tiled courtyard shared with the Japanese team.  They had already survived the infamous fire and water festival at the end of August:

Margaret and I had spent a few days in Barcelona, specifically to take in some of the fabulous Gaudi architecture, and then drove the 2.5 hours to Seu.  There was a parade through town of all the competitors, by country, accompanied by a small Spanish band.  Everyone ended up packed in one of the town squares, and chattered away while officials babbled on over a weak PA system.  Afterwards a female acrobat performed on a large suspended ring, which was well done - and capped by a performance suspended by her hair!  We shall not go into the weird suspended guitar player act...I still don't get it.

The World Championship races tend to be spread out more than the World Cup, so it is easier on the spectators as far as standing and sitting.  With the '92 Olympic course located right in Seu it was convenient to the town, although if you have ever been to the Mediterranean you know that counting on a store to be open at particular times is a bit foolhardy.

With temperatures in the high twenties during the day, and mid teens at night, it was perfect for watching and racing.  For a break from the sun we would walk up to one of the Plane Tree lined squares where the shade and ice cream were wonderful.

Thursday featured C2 and K1W heats.  Gerry Bouden arrived from Korea to round out the Canadian fans to 3.  Not having seen our boys race since before World Cup races in July we were anticipating improved paddling and were not disappointed. They ran a clean first run and shaved a further 8 seconds off their second run(including a 1 touch) for 27th position.  They were pleased with their run and missed the semi's by 4 seconds. The women's kayak field was very tight and unfortunately Canadians did not make the semifinals.

Here is Jamie and Adam's run:

More links to other runs - some patience required ---

Friday was a full day, with C1 and K1 men, C1 women.  With almost 100 K1M there was plenty of competition and a tight heat(Other than Peter Kauzer who again showed mastery of this class with a 2 second margin).  We were all ecstatic for Ben Hayward, who pulled out all stops and finished 17th in the heats, advancing to the Semi's on Sunday.  Similarly James Cartwright put in 2 clean runs, shaving 2 seconds off his second, to finish 10th after the heats.  The C1 Women raced as a demonstration class, with quite a range of skills shown as expected for this fairly new class. Sindy Audet move onto the semis for Canada.

Saturday was a break for some competitors, but not for the Canadian K1W and K1M who raced team races.  This is a category that certainly is not practiced much in Canada, and provided a lot of excitement at Seu.  In C2 there were a number of collisions and near-misses that kept the crowd on their feet.  The biggest thrill for Canada was their surprising K1M 4th place finish - almost pushing Spain out of third place (0.34 seconds difference)  The Canadians were allowed a rerun due to the interference of a TV Camera on a boom, which prevented Ben Hayward from having clear access to one of the gates on the top half. 

Here it is: Ben later thrilled the crowd with a sprint to the finish, cheered on by David Ford cruising above the finish line, on their make-up run -  meanwhile the British and Spanish bit their nails.

Semi-Finals and Finals on Sunday started early with cool but sunny weather.  Long pants to start the day today.  Certainly those Canadian paddlers who were not racing today looked a bit haggard - we had witnessed the kick off to this, fuelled by incredibly cheap booze from neighbouring Andorra.  (that shopping experience is another story)  The course had been modified for this race so as to add a few more zigs and zags that required some accurate boat placement if you did not want to end up on th shore or touching the gate.  In the end it turned out to be the nemesis of some well known paddlers.  Peschier, Molmenti, Lefevre, Cibak, Crespo, Heyl all either touched or had trouble with the change. We all cheered loudly for the remaining Canadians.  Ben Hayward moved up to 13th with a great clean run in the Semi's but didn't make the cut for top 10 in the finals.  Likewise, James Cartwright had a bit of trouble on the lower half of the course, moving him to 18th.  Cindy Audet meanwhile finished 15th in the C1W. A great time and a great place.  We should all be proud of our ORR competitors.

Tim Cutts

PUMPHOUSE RACE - September 20th, 2009

uploads/Summary.pdf uploads/2009 PumpHouse slalom_Sept20 GATE DETAIL RUN 1.pdf uploads/2009_PumpHouse slalom_Sept20 GATE DETAIL RUN 2 gates Run 2.pdf





uploads/8PHam.pdf uploads/8PHpm.pdf


After bouts of rain, sunshine, cold, wind and a bit of hail, visiting and local paddlers across Canada competed for positions on the National Slalom Team.  The 'A' Senior team indicated are on the official team competing at World Cup Races in June/July and World Championships in September.  The 'B' team indicated are the development teams.  The first document summarizes team members selected.  Note the update as of 11:22am June 1, 2009 with some spelling corrections,  Also, Thea Froehlich replaces Anna Williams on Sr. National 'B' Team K1W class. uploads/2009 NATIONAL TEAMSrev1 Jun1-09.pdf The following are details of results, with each competitor's percentage compared to the fastest run of the top boat for each day noted.  The fastest run of the day for each paddler is noted on each of 3 days.  From these 3 results, the best 2 are added and averaged to arrive at final percent.   uploads/2009_NTT_Summary_team_selection(1).pdf

National Team Trials, Pumphouse, Race Day 3, May 31, 2009

Summary Results

National Team Trials, Pumphouse, Race Day 2, May 30, 2009

Summary Results

National Team Trials, Pumphouse, Race Day 1, May 29, 2009

Summary Results Gate Details

Charlotte Whitewater Slalom Race March 22, 2009


2008 Race Results 

ORR Cookie Race, Oct 18th, 2008


World Series Race(U.S.) October 3,4 2008

ORR Pumphouse Race, September 21, 2008


Canadian Nationals - Junior & Masters Class, Jonquiere, Quebec - 16th August, 2008


Canadian Nationals - Seniors Class, Jonquiere, Quebec - 16th August, 2008


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