Kayak and Canoe Storage at the Pumphouse

We presently utilize 3 metal containers, which adequately served us for many years when the facility was less visible, that have outived their usefulness.  Plans are now in progress for a building to provide more storage than the containers presently provide, plus provide extra space in a more aesthetic and environmentally friendly structure.  

2016 Updates

...need to update this text and photos to show the new proposed storage building and location.....


Update January 2012

We have applied for a TUF grant to cover the cost of the mezzanine area. The video accompanying our application can be seen on youtube at: www.youtube.com/watch

Also the application with pictures and video can be found at mlseteamupfoundation.org/giving/team-up-foundation-fund/ and clicking on the pumphouse application.

Update December 2011:

Barry Hobin and his associate, Rheal Labelle, have refined the designs for the original timber canopy and the "upside down roof" design, added balconies and landscaping and taken out the pathway and washrooms to simplify the design.  It was confirmed that we have agreement in principle and are now waiting for concept agreement.   We are presently working on the environmental assessment.  Fisheries and Oceans / Rideau Valley Conservation Authority have signed off on this.  Once these steps are passed, we will get staged construction design approval: 33%, 66% and then 99%.   Cost estimates are being worked on as well as potential funding options, with hopes for a fall 2012 start. 

Option A : Conventional Flat Roof

View Looking North : uploads/01_View_looking_north_-_opt_A[1].pdf

View Looking Southeast : uploads/02_View_looking_south_east_-_opt_A[1].pdf

Option B: Inverted Style Roof

View Looking North : uploads/01_View_looking_north_-_opt_B[1].pdf

View Looking Southeast : uploads/02_View_looking_south_east_-_opt_B[1].pdf

Additional Views:

Other Combined Views : uploads/03_View_looking_WEST[1].pdf   uploads/04_View_from_river__looking_EAST[1].pdf   uploads/05_View_from_path_looking_NORTH[1].pdf

Site Plan :uploads/00_Site_Plan[1].pdf

Floor Plan : uploads/01_Floor_Plans[2].pdf

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