ORR London 2012 Olympic Athlete

Michael Tayler
K1M solo kayak


Update June 2012: Some very unfortunate news. The ICF chose to interpret their Olympic qualification criteria in a way that will not allocate a C1M spot to Canada. So our Olympic team will consist of one athlete in the K1M category, and for the first time in Olympic history... Canada will not be represented in the 'Canadian Singles' (C1M) event, which was named for our country. An explanation of how this occurred will be available soon on Cameron Smedley's website.


Update April 2012: CanoeKayak Canada have shared that Canada may be offered a C1 quota at the London 2012 Olympics, and that if that occurs, ORR athlete Cameron Smedley will be nominated.



Update March 2012: Only 1 boat category was qualified through the continental qualifier by Canada and that was through a win by David Ford in K1M.

Below was the selection process:

The following link provides an update on how countries will qualify to send a boat in a specific class to the 2012 Olympics.  Based on results from the World Championships 2011, Canada did not place sufficiently high and will need to qualify as explained below.


Since the USA have already qualified 1 boat in K1W and K1M, these classes will allow 1 more boat (to be determined at the Panamerica qualifier) from the grouping of ARG, BRA, CAN, CRC, VEN

Since no boats have qualified for C1M and C2M, only 1 boat in each class from the following country grouping wil be allowed to go to the olympics.  ARG, BRA, CAN, CRC, USA, VEN

The Panamerica qualifier will be at Foz d'Iguazu, Brazil March 9-11

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