Anti-Doping Regulations

As a licensed competitor, you are responsible for ensuring you do not take banned substances including medications. Whitewater Canada’s rules state that a competitor deliberately taking banned drugs or using banned doping practices to enhance performance, will be disqualified from Whitewater Canada sanctioned activities for life. You are also required to participate in out of competition and no-notice testing at your home, at training camps, as well as at doping controls at events. These controls are conducted by certified doping control officers from the Canadian Anti-Doping Organization. Check with your coach or Whitewater Canada if you have any questions about banned drugs or other doping related matters.
A word of caution about the use of performance enhancing supplements. There have been many instances of athletes testing positive for banned substances including anabolic steroids and growth hormone where the supplement in question was thought to be safe. It is strongly advised to avoid supplements and to follow healthy nutritional recommendations including the Canada Food Guide.

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