Team Trials Exciting Finish

Posted on Friday, April 13, 2012

Announcement by CKC follows, congratulations Michael!  After 4 races, both John Hastings and Michael Tayler were tied, so the deciding factor became results in the last (4th) race.  In that race Michael beat John by 0.11 seconds.

Congratulations to all ORR Competitors for great participation and achievement.

For final results in all categories please see:

Also the following competitors qualified for the Senior A team:

  • K1M: Michael Tayler(ORR), John Hastings(ORR), Paul Manning-Hunter(Alberta)
  • K1W:Sarah Boudens(former ORR), Jessica Groeneveld(Alberta), Thea Froehlich(ORR)
  • C1M:Cam Smedley(ORR)
  • C1W:Haley Daniels(Alberta), Alexandra McGee
  • C2M:Purcell Brothers(Alberta), Jamie & Adam Cutts(ORR)


C&K reports from the 2012 Olympic Slalom Trials in Charlotte, N.C. 

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