Paddling the St Pat's Green Water at Charlotte

Posted on Thursday, March 27, 2014

ORR athletes from the Junior National team as well as the slalom competitive training group have had an early start to the season at the U.S. National Whitewater Centre in Charlotte, North Carolina.


(photo courtesy of US National Whitewater Centre)


The comp. group (Cadets & Juniors) wrapped up on Sunday, and the National team is still hard at it this week. 

Coaches Jamie Cutts and Michal Staniszewski added heroic 14-hour drives to their already busy coaching schedules, in order to provide the athletes with this amazing opportunity.   Adjectives used to describe the world's "largest and most complex recirculating artificial whitewater river" include "pushy," "fast", "insane" and "outrageously excellent".  (Also "green" - but only on St. Patrick's day, when the water was dyed that colour in honour of the day!)  Athletes and coaches alike worked hard to make the most of twice-daily training opportunities, boosting their skill and confidence on the class II - IV rapids.

Andrew Musgrave (K1-Junior)  on the course:


Willa Mason (C1-Junior) on the course:




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