Links to Help Improve Your Slalom Technique

Australian Paddling Strokes Video:

Davy Hearn's Technical Hints:

UK Canoe and Kayak Slalom Video Series for K1, C1 and C2:

 ICF Video, including The Forward Stroke with David Ford

Upstreams wih Daniele Molmenti

Evil in the Upstreams (part 1, navigate to parts 2-6)

Respect the Project  C1 technique (part 1, navigate to parts 2-6)

Technique Video on Rolling:

Peformance Video Incorporated (Kent Ford)

Intro: Identify Your Roll

C to C Roll:

and this one:

Sweep or Screw Roll:

Back Deck Sweep Roll:

Back Deck Rodeo

Common Threads of Kayak

In a slalom boat. Instruction in French:

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