please also see our Summer Camps page for some information on Childrens' programs

Children and Youth Programs

The ORR offers development of whitewater kayak skills for children/cadets/youth, through small group local sessions and beginner river runs taught by club coaches.  Participants must have appropriate skill levels entering the program, as assessed by instructors or the head coach. Slalom programs focus on kayaking as a competitive sport, but at the introductory level, it is all about improving skills and having fun. These programs are open to club members only. Equipment (including slalom boats) is available for loan for those without their own equipment. Children and Youth programs are usually for children 16 and under but older children can be accomodated. 

To clarify our breakdown of skill level groups here at the ORR. Here is a list from the easiest to hardest programs that we run.

  • Minnows Program (for kids under the age of 10)
  • Level 1 Camp
  • Level 2 Camp
  • Slalom Camp
  • Youth Development/Recreational Sessions
  • Kids ORR Slalom Program (Seasonal ongoing sessions)
  • Youth ORR Slalom Program (Seasonal ongoing sessions)
  • Junior Competitive Program (for slalom athletes) - up to age 18 - run in conjunction with WO/CKC
  • Senior Competitive Program (for slalom athletes) - age 18+ - run in conjunction with WO/CKC

The programs run from Spring through the Fall, and continue with Pool Sessions in the Winter.

Spring 2016

For more information about the Spring Program, please see the  ORR 2016 Spring Program Overview Document . This program is intended for those with some whitewater kayaking experience such as graduates of our Level 1 or Level 2 summer camps.

Sessions are twice per week, one weekday evening and a Saturday session. The schedule for Spring, 2016 is still being determined and you are invited to participate in the Doodle Poll to show your child's availability.

In addition, since 2014, we have started a new "Minnows" program for children under the age of 10.

Summer 2016

Please check back later for information on our Summer Program, although some summer sessions have already been schedule the afternoons of July 18-22.

If you are interested in Level 1 and Level 2 Summer Camps, or the July 18-22 afternoons, please refer to our Camps Page

Summer sessions are usually weekday afternoons, with some full day river runs and  optional training camps and races.


A more advanced/intensive competitive slalom program also exists for athletes that runs approximately 5x/week and includes winter training and training camps. This program is run in conjunction with Whitewater Ontarion (WO) and Canoe Kayak Canada (CKC). Enquire for more information.


Some of our very young paddlers (photos from quite a few years ago! Do you recognize Liam Smedley?)












Minnows Program

This program is designed for under 10 year olds and the goal is to get them comfortable in boats in moving water.  We meet once a week, down at the lower section during the supper time hour so be prepared for your kids to eat before and after but we promise to get them to their beds at a regular time. Last year the sessions were Tuesday evenings at 5:45PM. Please email in late Spring for more information about the 2018 season


The session is made up entirely of drills like eddy turns, ferrying and, when water warms up we get them doing wet exits.  We try to do a bit of dry land simulation explaining the principles of hydrodynamics but don't get too serious about it and we are mainly there to have fun and goof around.

Parental involvement is essential and we would appreciate if people stick around to get kids in and out of boats and get equipment out of the clubhouse.  Sometimes we do snacks after.

We are limited in boats of this size but we hate to turn away students and we are always looking for creative ways of sharing boats. We are hoping to purchase more small kids boats in 2018 and a number of participants have their own boats.

Participants must be registered as a family with ORR to be considered.

The program is run by Dave Adams, of SJAM fame.

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