The Chaudiere Falls

The Chaudiere Falls was a natural meeting place for thousands of years.   A key portage on the Ottawa River for natives and voyageurs, it also provided the spark for locating the lumbering industry in Ottawa, with its potential power for saw mills.  Although not the first European to pass through here, explorer Samuel de Champlain portaged the falls in 1613 on his way up the Ottawa.  (His astrolab was discovered further up the Ottawa in recent years)

The following views were taken prior to 1900 of the Chaudiere Falls in Ottawa.  This was before major power dam construction.  The first shot obviously taken before high speed camera shutters were developed, but gives a soft surreal view of what must of been accompanied by a deafening thunder of water.

The following shot shows an old steam engine crossing the Lemieux Island bridge to Hull.

 Quite a narrow gorge!  Not an easy paddle...

 Not the sort of log jam I would want to venture out on ....

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