More Chaudiere Industry

J.R. Booth, a carpenter born in Quebec's eastern townships,  moved to Ottawa in 1854 where he built a sawmill near the Chaudiere Falls as well as some of the area's bridges.  His big break came when he was awarded the contract to supply timber for the new Parliament Buildings in Ottawa(built 1859 to 1866).  In 1867 he purchased 250 acres of prime virgin white pine in what is today Algonquin Park for a mere $45,000.  His timber limits ultimately covered much of the upper Ottawa River.  In 1890 he established the Canada Atlantic Railway to transport lumber from his mill Ottawa to the U.S.A.   Apparently he also built a railway bridge across the St. Lawrence River to move his lumber faster than if he had relied on barges.  By 1892 he was the largest lumber producer in the world.  (ref. Ottawa Public Library) 

E.B.Eddy  was born in Vermont.  He came to Hull (across the river from Ottawa) in 1854, where he started producing matches from discarded wood from local sawmills.  He expanded into wood products(wooden pails, clothes pins, sash and doors, boxes) and pulp and paper (first paper machine installed 1890)  Later he  also became a political figure in provincial and municipal government.

Henry Bronson was another American who came to Canada looking to find new sources of  timber.  He set up a mill at the Chaudiere falls in 1852.  He secured timber rights on the Gatineau, Dumoine and Madawaska Rivers.  Much of the lumber was exported to the Northeastern U.S.  His son Erskine Henry carried on with the business until 1899 when it became a holding company called "The Bronson Company" .

Here is a picture of the J.R. Booth facilities as seen from E.B.Eddy buildings in Hull pre-1900.

 The following photo is from Booth's Canada Atlantic Railyards at the western end of LeBreton Flats.  Christ Church cathedral can be seen in the background.

 The following is  a view from the Bronson Company looking east along the river toward Parliament Hill.

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