Conflict of Interest

As a non-profit club, it is important to recognize that conflict of interest can arise whether financial, personal or otherwise. Examples might include purchasing of equipment from a family member who has a retail or manufacturing enterprise or hiring of or contributing to fundraising for a relative of a board member. Often people are unaware that their activities are in conflict with the best interests of the collective or group or in our case the paddling club. Thus, it is important to cultivate a culture of openness and candor. Where a potential conflict of interest arises, the club requires that the board member who is potentially in conflict, disclose the conflict. If it is concluded by the other members of the board that a conflict or potential conflict exists between the individual and the club’s interest, the interested board member must recuse him or herself from participating in the decision or motion at hand. An opportunity should exist for board members without a conflict to speak freely about the decision at hand without the presence of the recused (or interested or conflicted) individual in the room. Board members and staff are requested to disclose any potential conflict of interest at the commencement of board meetings and annual general meetings or at the very least, when they become aware of them.

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