Complaint Procedure

If problems do arise, in most situations the coaching / instructional staff will be able to guide and counsel athletes (and their parents if minors) and resolve the problem by mutual discussion. The resolution of the problem could involve the imposition of disciplinary measures in consultation with other staff or club directors.

If an informal approach fails to solve the problem, a formal complaint should be made to the head coach / instructor or his designate. The formal complaint must be preceded by notification of the athlete. The formal complaint should include:

  1. the date of the problem
  2. the place the problem occurred
  3. the name and contact information of the person making the complaint
  4. the names of persons who may have been wronged
  5. the name of the person alleged to have broken the code of conduct or harassment rules
  6. the guidelines / rules which have been broken plus any other relevant information

A copy of the formal complaint is forwarded to the president of the ORR who will set up a time and place for a review panel. The parents of the minor (under 18) involved will be informed. The panel will include the president (or designate from the club board of directors), the head coach or instructor and an additional representative of the board of directors. In the event of a conflict of interest, an additional member of the board of directors will replace the recused panel member. The person alleged to have committed the offense and / or their representative will be allowed to call evidence, testify personally or bring further arguments to light. A written record of the proceedings will be kept. The panel must decide whether the charges are proven and may decide to withdraw privileges of that person or impose some other appropriate penalty. Information on the case is confidential and may not be released by the participants.

A review panel may be convened if in the view of the president and two other members of the board of directors, the incident report of the coach / instructor warrants further action. This course of action may only be taken where the athlete is informed by the coach / instructor that the incident will form a part of the coach / instructor’s report to the board of directors. The athlete is to be informed within two weeks of the end of the event by the president or designate that a review panel will be convened. In all but extremely serious situations, the length of time required to set up the review panel and conclude its proceedings will preclude suspension from competition or the team while at the event at which the formal complaint was lodged. In extremely serious situations, suspension from the team may only be considered after at least a telephone review with the president or designate (and in the case of minors, their parent(s)), except for infractions of team rules which specifically dictate suspension from the team.

Failure to comply with the terms of the suspension will lead to loss of club privileges including use of club equipment and boat storage. As well sanctions against participation in club events may be implemented. Note that in complaints of a criminal nature, the club will defer to the appropriate provincial or federal authority to investigate.


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