Developmental links

Links to Help Improve Your Slalom Technique

Australian Paddling Strokes Video

Davy Hearn’s Technical Hints

UK Canoe and Kayak Slalom Video Series for K1, C1 and C2

 ICF Video, including The Forward Stroke with David Ford

Upstreams wih Daniele Molmenti

Evil in the Upstreams (part 1, navigate to parts 2-6)

Respect the Project  C1 technique (part 1, navigate to parts 2-6)

Technique Video on Rolling

Peformance Video Incorporated (Kent Ford)

Intro: Identify Your Roll

C to C Roll:

and this one:

Sweep or Screw Roll:

Back Deck Sweep Roll:

Back Deck Rodeo

Common Threads of Kayak

In a slalom boat. Instruction in French: