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National Organizations Governing Canoe/Kayak

Canadian Whitewater Clubs or Associations

National Organizations Governing Canoe/Kayak

Canoe Kayak Canada

Established in 1900, CanoeKayak Canada’s mission is to increase the number of Canadians participating in canoeing and; to enable participants to realize personal excellence by providing sound athlete development programs and membership support systems.  Whitewater slalom is one of several areas covered by CKC which also includes Sprint, Marathon and Whitewater Polo.

Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport

Once a junior or senior paddler has become eligible to represent Canada at international competitions, he or she will be more directly affected by the CCES.   The CCES assists Canada’s amateur sport community to fulfil its responsiblilty for fair and ethical sport in a way that is effective and publicly accountable.  The  CCES administers Canada’s domestic anti-doping program, whereby an athlete must provide his or her location ahead of time so that unannounced testing can occur.

Canadian Whitewater Clubs or Associations

Canoe Kayak Canada

Alberta Whitewater Association

Canoe/Kayak B.C.

Centre d’excellence d’eau vive de Valleyfield

Whitewater Ontario

Saskatoon Whitewater Kayak Club

Quebec Kayak

Quebec Federation of Canoe and Kayaking

Quebec River Levels & other info:

Manitoba Paddling Association

Eau Vive Québec (EVQ)

CRCA Canadian Recreational Canoeing Association


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