Ottawa River Runners Waiver

Acknowledgment of Rules, Assumption of Risk, Consent and Waiver Agreement 

The “Ottawa River Runners – Les Coureurs de la Rivière Outaouais (Inc.)” is hereafter designated as the Club. This document replaces all previous waivers signed by Club member(s) and/or the participant(s) in Club activities. The term “Club activities” in this document includes running rivers; participating in coaching or training sessions; participating in competitions and races; participating in instructional programs, camps and courses. Club activities do not include the travel and transportation arrangements associated with Club activities and does not include the loading and unloading of equipment or boats into or onto trailers and vehicles.

In consideration of being allowed to participate in Club activities, and enjoying the safety of boating with Club members and the participants in Club activities, I agree with all of the following. Parts 1, 2 and 3 are applicable to all Club members and all participants in Club activities. Part 4 is only applicable to Club members and the participants in Club activities who are eighteen years of age or older. Regardless of age, each Club member and the participants in Club activities shall sign where indicated below.

Part 1 Acknowledgment of Club Rules
I agree to abide by the following Club safety rules. While boating on rivers and lakes with the Club, I will at all times wear a personal flotation device. While boating in rapids with the Club I will at all times wear a helmet and my boat will be equipped with grab loops or lines. While boating in rapids with the Club, other than in a competition or race or during a coaching, training or instructional setting, my boat will be equipped with bow and stern flotation and I will carry a throw rope in my boat or on my person.

Part 2 Assumption of risk
I recognize that paddling in lakes and rapids is potentially hazardous and inherently risky. My personal safety while paddling is wholly my own responsibility, and I can not rely on the judgment or actions of others to assure my safety. I recognize that the Pumphouse/Tailrace is a combined sewer overflow area, and adverse water quality can occur. I recognize that the risks associated with the Club activities include, but are not limited to, collision, capsize, personal injury, death, and loss and damage to personal equipment. I agree to assume all such risks associated with Club activities, including those not specifically named above.

Part 3 Parental Consent
Each minor under the age of eighteen and the custodial parent or guardian of such minor that signs this document hereby jointly authorizes the Club’s event leaders and their permitted designates, to act reasonably and in good faith in the exercise of their sole discretion, with regard to matters concerning the minor’s health, safety, care and discipline. This authorization begins when the minor assembles for a Club event or activity, is effective during the Club event or activity and includes the period immediately subsequent to the Club event or activity. This parental consent also includes, where applicable, situations involving transportation and lodging affecting the minor which are not Club activities.

Part 4 Release
Part 4 only applies to Club members and/or the participants in Club activities who are eighteen years of age or older.

The undersigned is a Club member and/or a participant in Club activities who is eighteen years of age or older and accordingly the undersigned for themselves, their heirs, executors, administrators and spouses hereby release and forever discharge the Club, and its directors, officers, members, and participants (the Released Parties), of and from any and all demands, claims, actions, causes of action, suits and all other proceedings, whether in law or equity, and specifically including claims of negligence or breach of contract or breach of any other statutory or other duty of care against the Released Parties, that may arise in respect of, or in any way connected with, the death of the undersigned, injury to the undersigned, or loss or damage to the undersigned’s person or property, however caused, arising out of the undersigned’s membership in the Club and/or participation in the Club activities. Furthermore, the undersigned will indemnify and save harmless the Released Parties from and against (i) any and all third party liability claims, demands, actions, causes of action, suits and all other proceedings whatsoever, which may or may not be made on the undersigned’s behalf, and (ii) all emergency treatment and rescue costs incurred by the Released Parties, which arise directly or indirectly out of the participation of the undersigned in the Club activities.

Note: Part 4 is not to be interpreted to constrain or limit in any fashion the responsibilities and potential liability associated with a motor vehicle owner or driver in the event of an accident or other loss. Neither the act of transportation in motor vehicles, nor the loading and unloading of equipment, is a Club activity. (Transportation is arranged privately and co-operatively, with the vehicle owner/driver usually being reimbursed for his or her reasonable costs.)

Part 5 Boat Storage
All private boat owners who store their boat, paddle(s) and equipment is at their own risk. The Club does not assume responsibility for damage, loss or theft involving members’ boats and equipment stored at the Club’s premises. It is the sole responsibility of the private boat owner to obtain the appropriate insurance protection and to follow the ORR safety rules. 

Those under the age of eighteen must, in addition to their signature as a member or participant, have a custodial parent or a legal guardian sign this document where indicated.

I HAVE READ AND UNDERSTOOD THIS DOCUMENT and by signing below accept and agree with all the foregoing terms and conditions.

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Signed by Club member or participant in Club activities

Dated: _____________________________________________

Signed by custodial parent or legal guardian of the minor Club member or minor participant in Club activities


Dated: _____________________________________________